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April 10, 2006


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Mum aka Mo (grandmother) aka Maureen Lyons

Oh Tess! I have just read your blog for the second time in a few short hours - it is so funny and poignant and true. I have a lot of questions about kids when God and I meet face to face!! Hang in there, my darling girl - you are doing a fantastic job and believe it or not right now, they ALL love you :-)

Mo xox


Feminine protection? What is that?

I am going to reply to your email right away. It will be short though, am v tired.

Re the favourite thing - so funny! I also have my favourites. At the moment it is Adam, but only because Kate is being SUCH a pain that Adam appears almost angelic in comparison.



Write about anything. You're doing a good job.

But what happens when things change, and nobody is #1?


Way to go Carys!!!
You will go faaaaaaar by being sweet to your Mum.


wait? i get to be #1? how did that happen?

so, it's almost noon there. is carys extending her already monumental record? is some bit of stubborness cut her record short so that it can be more easily surpassed by her usurping siblings? inquiring minds want to know!

Auntie Pammie

Carys, YOU GO GIRL!!!
JJ, Quit biting
Sela, well you know
Seb...no comment.
Love to you all !!
Auntie P xoxo


OOhh. They are so wicked sometimes, the little stinkers. Good things we are such nice moms that we still love them anyways. ;)


What an entertaining blog!
I read it before my morning coffee, and had a smile on my face...this is rare!
Thanks for sharing your reality with us Tess. I love it. I humors
me,but more then that, it touches the 'mommy' section of my heart really deep down!
Thanks, Love you,


Tess, how about the one about the breast feeding babe testing out his new found teeth....right now, I don't like ANYBODY in my family so I prefer to choose ME! to be my favorite! I do like my cat, feral one named Denny Crane. Did like my kitty(a female named Bill Murray) but my doofus Dog, Tiger, mauled it and I think he is a murdering poo-eater. So, yeah, just me and Denny Crane for now, thankyew verry much. ;)


Tess! I love, love, love your honesty. We are only a few months behind you, so this entry has me very nervous. I am starting to see glimpses of 2 year old antics from all of mine...I have been debating whether it is better for them to all go through their little toddler rebellion simultaneously or space it out. I am thinking spacing it out would be nice, so I can at least enjoy being around somebody at any given moment. :-)

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