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May 11, 2006


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How gorgeous. I love that he loves like that. Because if you have so much love to give, you inspire great love in others.



Not moronic or dorky at all. I just love it--depth! my husband is similarly intense and it is a trait I adore.


Oh, the ability to be gobsmacked. I think that is better than anything.


how does one pronounce Anjali?
is it An-YA-lee, on an-gelly? I love it, it's very original to these Canadian ears.


This was precious! I loved reading it. He sounds like my oldest. All the time when you describe him, he reminds me of my first born. Who is 13 years old!?!? *GULP* Did I say that???

He is the same. Very affectionate. Very loving and intense. His first crush was not until he was 7. He saved his money and bought her jewelry (plastic, but is was darling) for Valentine's Day and was too shy to give it to her at school. He mailed it to her and was thrilled when she wore it:) They have lost touch, but I must say, he has great taste. She was a BEAUTY!

Check out my blog if you want to read a story he recently wrote. I think it is not bad for 13, if I do say so myself! LOL

Thanks for sharing about your kids. More than just your family enjoy the updates and stories! I feel like I know your kids:)


I SO wish I was the girl. to have that effect on a handsome young admirer...TEss, it's a wonderful sweet and innocent story of Seb. Would be nice to keep him on that track of wide-eyed wonder with the 'chicks'. I loved it. I'm going to go read it again. thanks.

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