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May 25, 2006


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Maureen aka Mo aka Grandmother aka Mozilla


M xox


If it's NY, I don't think they were honking APPROVAL. More get the heck off of my street.


When are you coming to NYC????? WOW!!! SO close yet so far!!! They were honking in approval... more like "Hey hottie..too bad you weren't wearing white..."kind of honking!!! xo lyns

Wendi Mazer

Hi Tess,

It's Wendi from TC (mrsstuey). I still read your blog religiously, and now have my own. Are you coming to NY? I don't know if you remember, but I am on Long Island...I would love to see you if you come to town.


Never been to NY.Might have to hit Chicago at one point in my life as my husband has a deep love for all things "Blues Brothers" however I did just want to say that I noticed you updated the kids pics on the dimsums! Did you just do that? They are so delightful looking. you're a busy Mom. You seem to be able to go non-stop...little energizer bunnie, you!


Tess--I love this image! I love your description of your time in NYC, it wrings at my heart--"anything was possible" is so true, and is how I feel everytime I'm there. Although i'm a born-and-bred southern north american, I absolutely LOVE new york. I know there are people who don't like it but I've never understood. Being in the city, all the energy, the subway, Central Park, walking around everywhere (just as you did) with no particular destination, street vendors, lower Manhattan, and New Yorkers themselves, I love. Last time I was there was my first post-911 visit and being in lower M and seeing the skyline w/out the towers for the first time was wrenching, in the middle of all that crowded sky, a big gaping hole. I saw the sunrise over the empire state building one morning from my friend's 6th floor walkup. Being there is so special-- I love the city and that feeling of possibility around every corner! Your description was right-on, it made me wish I were walking 'round the reservoir or waiting in line at tkts to buy last minute seats at a broadway show. new york, new york!


southern north american--I mean, southern US north american?!! since all of us from the us are southern north americans! :)

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