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May 29, 2006


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while i question the addition of 2000 calories a day (i mean, 300 per baby plus a little extra to fatten them up quickly, i should think 1200 extra would be plenty), i think it's more a matter of calorie density than origin. if you had to eat an extra 2000 calories a day of broccoli you probably wouldn't be allowed to stop eating. fortunately mickey d's has so much fat in it you can get 1000 calories easy.

and great idea getting the portable dvd players. we got one with two screens for our long car trip last year and it worked out great. at least when watching it wasn't causing sagan motion sickness. we did manage to get his breakfast out of the player, but i'm sure the rental place had to shampoo part of the van upholstery.


So the first week of July is it? Wonderful!
I'm pretty sure Piper has hotcakes and mcmuffins to thank for her survival too.


Super sized?

Peggy from Seattle

Yep I got the same advice on McDonald's and I think my trio's good weights were due to the quarter pounder with cheese and fries that I'd gobble up. I craved the fat and protein. Pretty funny.

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