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June 13, 2006


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You still look pretty good in the photos.

Auntie Pammie

Tess, school has put 20lbs on me, and all in my stomach area, I look as if I am carrying my own set of trips. You look marvellous and re: the 4,000 calories a day, I would love to do it ( without penalty) for one week of my life.... sigh


I totally remember those days...you once told me that ws like eating three macdonalds egg mcmuffins just for breakfast...and then you had to keep eating...I remember those great egg sandwhich things you made!!! WOW...to think that was over two years ago!!!! crazy... you are awesome and i miss you my friend!! xo lyns


Hee Hee. I remember when my peri told me he wanted me to have Big Mac and milkshake a day until I had gained an adequate amount of weight with my trio. I tell you...I fell in love with that man.


Oh, man, I loooove me some Stouffer's mac & cheese. No ketchup tho'.

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