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June 24, 2006


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Any trips for this summer, or just enjoying HK?


I hear yah.....not to mention the stash of things you MUST have to bring back with you.....(or is that just me!)


It's sad. Travelling is so expensive, even when you stay with family. It's a stretch for the 5 of us to fly from SK to ON every second year, staying for 3 weeks. And last summer we took the kids overseas to visit the other side of the family in Scotland, but we won't be able to afford that more than every 4 or 5 years I think. Vehicles, accommodations, groceries and other supplies seem to add up a lot faster when you're on vacation. (And I'm guessing that travel within Canada is very expensive for you, if you want to see people both in BC and NWT.)

It helps that the grandparents come to visit us regularly - and we look forward to and enjoy their visits so much! But it is a constant sorrow that we are not able to see our families often enough. We love where we live, and don't plan to move; the only problem is that it's too far away from family.

It sounds like you will make the most of this year's trip. Have a wonderful time, and make lots of special memories!

Auntie Pammie

sorry to hear that :-(
Auntie P


I happen to have a good idea what this trip is costing you and all I can say is that would pretty much cover one child's university tuition....skip the trip next year and pay for university!!!

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