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June 26, 2006


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Elaine D

Great link! I could spend hours! I've bookmarked it & will return.


What a fun flashback! I scrolled right down and there was Stacey Q! WHOO HOO!


And I wanted to go to bed early, but here I am an hour later still clicking. Thanks.


Ok, so I may not have dinner parties or 12 kids at my place, but I have been taking care of 60 kids each week for the last 3 - so perhaps I might be as fabulous in my own way? :)

Glad you liked the link - I do love you and I'm starting to feel sad for MC, because I've been hearing my guy say, "Oh, my favorite!" or "Oh, this one is great!" for the last 3 hours I'd we are almost through the playlist.

Tell MC I'm sorry! But, I do love you - I only wish that I was closer and that I could tell you in person - have that other lovely woman give you a hug from her imposter!



opps on my last non comment... love the link!!! And I love you... Hope you have a great summer in the great North!!! 80's music rocks..and so do you!!!! xolyns


Hey, fun stuff to share with my kids! Thanks. I went right away to Katrina and the waves: Walkin' on Sunshine. We'll have to do some music-surfing this summer - tomorrow is the last day of kindergarten! I'm going to be in withdrawal as much as the kids are.
Best wishes,


Well you know I have too many faves to list - but I am having a blast with these videos!!

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