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June 15, 2006


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Yes, for the kids you should keep in contact, and keep Christmas as if you were there.
I haven't seen it, what are your plans for returning to Canada? How much longer in HK? You make it sound so nice, a place to stay for a long time.

becky k

My husband and I both live in a different culture than our own, and so our kids, when they come, will have 3 cultures and 2 languages to adjust to. I think about what you said a lot, even more so since I work with so many who are also transplants in the UK. Wondering what country my husband and I should be buried in is enough to shoot me straight up in bed at night. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. It's a crazy small world we live in these days when we can jump in and out of countries and cultures so quickly, but I wonder if it just adds to the confusion...


Hi Tess, we have sent a few emails back and forth a few years back. I used to live in Hong Kong as a child and I consider myself a third culture kid. And now as an adult, I can tell you how much I appreciate my parents for giving me that opportunity. Sure, there were days that I hated being so far from grandparents, cousins, etc, and as a snotty little kid, I let my parents know. But since I have become an adult, I truely appreciate the experiences that I had in Hong Kong. And upon our return to the US, I have formed very close ties to certain family members. And I am blessed to still consider my high school friends from Hong Kong my best friends - while we may be spread out on different continents, we are always there for each other - 10 + years later.

I only know you from your writings here, but I can tell you that you and Charles are giving your 4 beautiful children a wonderful gift. There is something magical about Hong Kong. Think of it as giving them the best of everything. They have you and Charles to guide them, the wonderful experiences and opportunities that they are being exposed to in Hong Kong, and a place that they can always go home to - Canada with all of their family.

I love reading your writing. You and your family are an inspiration.


i think you and mc are doing a wonderful job of keeping your children in touch with the western family and giving them a great gift by giving them an eastern family as well. even on the same continent it's not easy to keep family in touch. california, and that part of the family, is only accessible to us via airplane, just as canada is to you. our airplane ride is shorter and less expensive, and yet you still make it to canada more often than we make it to california. laurels to you!


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