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July 04, 2006


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I cannot wait until you are on Canadian soil....

Auntie Pammie

I got some flashbacks too, but i doubt if we ever had goat's cheese??? I too now remember those days. I wish we were all there to help you right now, travel safe and we see you soon!
Love , Auntie Pammie xoxo


What would we feed them... there's nothing left in the house!??? Rice and lime Perrier?


Maureen aka Mo aka Grandmother aka Mozilla

Hem hem! Methinks my husband's name is being taken in vain! Were the 'day before' and the 'day of' really THAT bad?

M xox


Tessie, it is even better now since we joined the Co-op. I pull up to the gas pumps to get gasoline( big discount for Co-op members)and while I'm doing that Mom can scoot inside and get FREE coffee,cookies AND juice for the trip!Love to all, Frugal Blake


love grandpas comments!!!! Hope you have a great trip and that you enjoy every blasted minute of the fresh air and wide open spaces..(dixie chicks playing in movie soundtrack of your life...) hope that you can all eat well...or at least take advantage of the all night snacks on the flight... he he... xo lyns


God bless you, Tess and your family. good journey wishes to you guys.

Karen Ritchey

Hi Tess,

I am just gagging a little from your description of your Dad's leftover specials!
Kinda glad now that he never asked me over for a meal! I think Landon was there once, but I am sure your Mom had done the shopping and perhaps the cooking!
Hey! Are you coming to Canada? Where will you be? I need to see you all... Edmonton? Kelowna? Where?
Would LOVE to see you and meet your miracle kids!

Love you,

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