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July 02, 2006


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Auntie Pammie

Def Leppard's Photograph brings back memories of days past that I cannot share on your blog incase other family members are reading...
Aerosmith's Janie'sgot a gun.. another classic
Boston's Amanda.... hence where Mandy got her name
Deep Purple's perfect strangers.. reminds me of living in Calgary
Eddie Murphy'sMy girl wants to party all the time
Foreigner's " I want to know what love is" brings back more than memories,,
G+R's Welcometo the Jungle....Headpins, Helix... I cant stop!!!!
Remind me to thank-you again in person for sending this. we can take the laptop out at Fintry and reminiss.
Love ya!
Auntie P xo

Auntie Pammie

ok a few more,
Jane Child's I dont want to fall in love
Icehouse's Crazy
Huey Lewis's I need a new drug
Kiss's I was made for loving you ( Oh how MOm hated them!!)
Lee Aaron's Metal Queen
Matthew Wilde's Break My stride
MJ's Thriller..
Midnight Oil's beds are burning
Motley Crue's Girls Girls Girls
Mr. Misters' Broken Wings"
Night Rangers Sister Christian ( (the last two remind me of you)
Phil Collins :In the Air tonihgt
Pink flyod, Poison, Prince's Purple Rain, QUIET RIOT !!!!!,
Ratt, Roxette's The Look,
Samantha Fox's touch me,
Scorpions, Skid Row, STYX's Mr.Roboto, The Police, Twisted Sister,U2, Van Halen, Whitesnake, George Micheals ( I want your sex)
Yes and to stop for now,, Whitesnake..
More videos to watch gota go.


I was doing too much back then, and remember a lot of the songs. But I think the best example of the 80's would be Twisted Sister's We're Not Gonna Take It. That hair and makeup and his face - or Weird Al's takes on the popular songs.


and how about the hair....I'm talking, flock of seagulls hair...like seriously, what could they have been thinking? perhaps they had shares in an aerosol company....remember the hair crimpers? these days, it's hair straighteners...all things peter gabriel....he was good,even without the hairgel!

Lori in YK

It has been some time since I have been to visit...Wow the trio are getting so big and Congrats to Sebastian on his recent Graduation! Your life in HK seems to be one of great love and adventure..can't wait for more updates.

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