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July 20, 2006


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Holy cow you look HOT! HOT! HOT! So strongly confident too - it is good to see you enjoying summer darling.



oh i luv you lady of the lake. you've inspired me to lose weight.

Auntie Pammie

Ok, as your older sister, you are not supposed to look better than me, but DAMN girl you look amazing! I am not going to be able to wear a bikini this year.
Keep it up :-)
Your enious sis,
Auntie P xoox


you are an inspriation to all women who have borne children via c-section (keeping in mind that most don't have 3 at a time!!!)...
you look maaavaalous darling!!!!
miss you lots...xo lyns


Tess, you are the woman who has it all...


Tess, you look divine!! I absolutely love your swimsuit...do reveal where you purchased it. the color is beautiful. I love your big sunglasses and massive hat! you do summer quite properly.


you are HOT!! you look like liz hurley, only sexier! never mind charles as my boyfriend, I'll have you as my girlfriend any day ;-)


No fair. How come you get to look like that and I have to be a fat cow? Having triplets turned me into a big blob. You look amazing!


*wolf whistles*

but, um....isn't that water COLD? i mean, i'm a wimp if the pool is below 80. i can't imagine canadian lake water is pleasantly warm. i'll take my gulf stream, thankyouverymuch :).

oh, did i forget to mention *wolf whistles*?

Commando Kiddlett

Owow! Tess you look smokin! Maybe I won't be able to be commando anymore ;) I love you and can't wait to see you! xox


Tess, you are gorgeous!! I knew that (the divine) MC was one lucky man to have a terrific woman like you but VA-VA-VA-VOOM!!!


Tess! I second all the above motions! 'looking fine Mrs. Kotter'



YIKES! Now I KNOW I am joining Jenny Craig. Seriously! Been planning on it, but most certainly will now:)

I was the same as you, even after four kids. Well, in all honestly, I was not THAT hot, after the fourth pregnancy, but still was after the second.

However, I had my kids a lot younger than you, so it was easy. My metabolism was still working with me, not against me. You and I are the same age (actually I think I may be a bit younger...can't remember) and I look about 10 years older and certianly NOT that lean and muscualr anymore. How DO you do it?? Sheesh!

Honestly, tell us your secret! That bikini is SO CUTE! I have not worn one of those in over ten years, but I plan to next summer!

I hope you appreciate your body and don't take it for granted like I did back in the day. I am sure you do appreciate it, right!?!?!!


My dear you look fantastic!!


Wow- that's one hot mama there! Hope you are having a great vacation.


Tess, I have read your blog for a long time, have often thought you were beautiful; from the wedding photo on --- especially those photos from church a few weeks back --- utterly luminous! But just when I thought it wasn't possible--- here you prove you are even moreso than we all thought--- inside and out--- you are stunning!


how can you possibly look THAT good after c-section and triplets?! my stomach is one huge pile of extra skin....no matter how many sit ups i do. flabby, bread-doughy skin. you, on the other hand, are bee-u-tee-full! go you!


You are most beautiful!


Beautiful pictures Tess! You are simply amazing!


Wow, definitely not the body I would've expected to see on a mother of triplets. I only have one and I don't look like that! Kudos!


First off wow! To look like that after all those babies is such an accomplishment and hard work.

Second your babies are beautiful. I found your site of Tertia.org and have spent the last month or so on and off going through the archives reading your posts. You've made ME want to live in Hong Kong now!

I am confused though the last post you made said you weren't going to be able to go on your trip. what happened? I'm glad you did though, seeing old friends is the best.

Doni Brinkman

PLEASE tell me there is a lot of photo editing on those bikini pictures!!! Holy cow girlfriend - AND TRIPLETS? That will keep me reeling awhile! I need to post those pics on my fridge to get me more motivated:). Quite proud of you!

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