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August 24, 2006


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It is SOOOO nice to have you back... didn't realize how much I missed you until you couldn't blog for weeks on end!!! I took the plunge in FL one summer...probably the worst timing b/c there were three highrise condos behind us...that were all probably watching us...but oh well...it was way fun.. xo lyns

Auntie Pammie

i miss the skinny dipping :-(
wishing we were all still there...


I agree with Lyns I finished all the archive and then you were gone for 3 weeks! Welcome back! :)

I want to try skinny dipping. Never swam anywhere that private.


Ah well, to be so far away. Sounds like it was a great vacation.


So glad to see you back in HK and the blogworld. I have been reading through the archives and finding you even more charming than before you went away, if that is possible.

Glad you had an awesome summer. Much love.


It seemed like a long 3 weeks to me!!Although i am sure it went quickly for you!!So so happy to have you back blogging !It is always such a pleasure to read.
Sounds like your summer was fab!

Antoinette xxx

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