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August 31, 2006


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Oh Tess, it's so sad for you all and yet so happy for Mila. How are you all coping without her now? I bet your place feels like it's missing something (despite her being such a quiet unobtrusive presence).
Love Lucy


Good heavens!

How rough. Makes me think of every time any of my foster siblings left or went back to their natural familes. Very rough times. Very sad. At least in this case, it is happy because she finally gets to be with her son and hubby!??! MAN! I can't imagine! I am thrilled for her, but very sad for your kids.

How are you guys adjusting???

Karen Ritchey

Hi Tess,

For Pete's sake, I never even met Mila, and you have me in tears after reading about her leaving.


I sure did miss being in contact while you were in Canada. I had really hoped to meet your kids and see you and Charles, of course.
Perhaps next time.

Hugs and love,


oh, you made me cry. I wish the best for her, God bless her indeed for loving your babies so.
Will you be seeking another helper?

ps welcome back -- missed you all much!!


Oh no! I know how much you love your helpers. We talked about how you treat them when you were here - about how they are mostly treated poorly in Hong Kong, but that you always made sure they were part of your family.
I can't imagine how hard it was for Mila to leave, and for you all to say good-bye.


Oh no! How sad to have a family member leave. : (
Hope everyone is doing ok.

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