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August 29, 2006


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Auntie Pammie

those kids are growing up too quickly....missing you lots


Oh, the guilt for the late pickup! It only gets worse when there are three being picked up!

I have been genuinely late twice, and been one or two minutes late quite a few times. (In my defense, the teacher was not consistent with her dismissal times. Sometimes I thought I was on time or even early, but the door was already open and the kids anxiously looking for mum.)
Oh, the accusations, the baleful glares! "Mum, why weren't you here?" "We were ready and you weren't here!" "Mum, you were late! Did you get stuck in traffic?" etc. etc. for the next 10 minutes. Of course I offered profuse apologies to the teacher, and all three kids, along with lots of hugs. But they are quite capable of holding a grudge for a while. And then they tell the whole story over again to Dad at supper time. Sheeesh. Can't get away with anything!

It's so nice that you and Charles are able to go out for a run together. I wish I could take an evening walk with my husband, but somebody always has to stay home with the kids.


Lol I like the maniac song. Ava's birthday was today and she wanted cake so she was flapping her arms and running around yelling CAKE! CAKE! CAKE! Luckily I was able to get it on video. You are setting a good example I need to try and do the same.

sue stoltz

Oh tess - you had me laughing out loud at this one. !! priceless. From the smelly shoes to the fashionably late finale!! hysterical. thanks for sharing. . Oh wait! am I supposed to be supporting you.... ooops.. I do sympathize with the guilt pang you felt being late for Seb... along with the pang in your side for running too much I'll bet ;)

We also ALWAYS run into fashion plates when out in sweats - or in my case sometimes while gassing up the car still wearing stinky chaps and boots from the barn... lol


Flashdance...that takes me back!

Lori in YK

Hi Tess - I completely understand the guilt of being late picking up one of the kids. I used to have Daniel in an afterschool program that ran until 6:00 pm, but it seemed even if we got there before 5:30 Daniel would still be the last kid left...and looking at us with a "How dare you make me be the last kid AGAIN!" look and not even a Hello or anything! I am very glad those days are over and now I just get that same type of look for being anywhere near the school except in my vehicle! HAHA!

Enjoy even the guilt ridden moments..they give you so much ammunition for when the angels get older!!


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