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September 20, 2006


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Not much news on it here other than it happened. No details like this.


How scary for your friend to be suddenly cut off from the outside world.

As for the other stuff, how heartbreaking for that family. My personal opinion is that its the parents (in the case of a minor child) or the spouse if an adult, that should make decisions, not the hospital or God forbid, the courts. How sad that they have lost their daughter.

Lori in YK

The last two entries break my heart.

I thought of how you were just in Bangkok and now nobody really knows what is going on. Your friends message was insightful as well as a little forbodding...my thoughts are with those who now have seem to have no voice!

Which brings me to the other entry...how absolutely horrifying to have to sit back while doctors decide that your child is not worth hope. Sometimes I think that we (humans) treat our pets lives with more respect..I just cannot fathom......what a terrible loss, my prayers are with the babies parents.


Oh wow. I feel for her I know that has to be scary. As for the baby that should be the parents decision. The hospital should be charged with something!

Bangkok Expat Mama

Thank you, Tess! Thank you for everything. We are very relieved that the coup has been non-violent. However, democracy sure took a blow with this move -- elections were right around the corner, so why did the military pull this now?! This evening there will be a protest against the coup at Siam Paragon. I hope no one gets hot-headed on either side there.

I'm in a Starbucks using their wi-fi with a non-T.O.T. server, so I can see Typepad sites. The Bangkok Post had a story today that described how the coup folks are predicting 12 more days of weird internet blocking. Meanwhile, I will switch my ISP next week from the government


This just SUCKS

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