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September 25, 2006


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1) Monitor - have you tried alcohol wipes on it? Sometimes pen comes off with alcohol.

2) Sorry your heart has been blue - can we do something to make it better?

3) Spider tale of my own. Went to grab cup (plastic multi-ounce like from a convenience store) to scoop food for our dogs early one morning in Tucson a few years back. Nearly died on the spot because the BIGGEST tarantula was hibernating behind cup on the ledge of a window. All I could think of at the time was where were the friends of world's largest spider in plain view, and thank goodness it was outside!

4) TAR10 - Am thinking I may need to start taking a sedative prior to race viewing. My heart rate goes up during the pre-show credits!

5) Your top 4 intrigues me - yet I have to ask, are you counting out the father/daughter duo? Youthful endurance seems like it would be important, yet, I wonder if they won't go to the top 4 despite not being 2 youthful contenders, but 2 generations.

6) I disklike the tactics that Peter & Sarah are using, but I guess I get that ultimately it is a game, and strategy plays a role in the match. This is their strategy. It rubs me the wrong way on almost every level, and they won't find support coming from me if it continues to be a theme. I, in fact, find myself shaking my head at how quickly they toss out their "best" move (her handicap), how it didn't really seem to benefit them (and even alienated them to other racers) and how weak their play was otherwise - in episode 1 alone.



(PS - TC thing - I liked what they wound up doing very much. I think Suri will be really pleased at how awesome her parents' choice was when she's older.)

Auntie Pammie

I think OLivia did it.....


i love the science project. maybe i should do something like that for sagan. but then he would probably appreciate it as much as seb. if it's not on the computer, he really could care less.

yeah, tom cruise has completely lost it. he's gone over the edge. but i agree, it has nothing to do with wanting your baby to be kept out of the limelight. i suppose the media would be happier if he held his baby up for all to see from a hotel balcony?


Can I admit that I am already totally addicted to Charles' YouTube videos? I've only watched Sebbie jump like a gazillion times today. So in awe of his carefree spirit. LOVE that kid.

Oh....as for the monitor...I think it was the butler....

Auntie Pammie

OK that spider is way too big, even my skin was crawling from looking at it.. Yech.


ya know, you had me sold on going to hk until you showed me that spider picture.

spiders. it had to be spiders.

Louise M

Ok, that's a Harry Potter 2 size spider... A complete yuck from me. Applaude TC for not caving to the media on Suri's photos. Haven't gotten hooked on TAR this year. Love the youtube videos...


Weevil eggs come in the flour. They eat the grain and get ground up with it, leaving tiny tiny eggs behind. Eventually these eggs hatch and voila! You have what you have.
Yes, you are eating weevils and bugs in flour and other foods - the US Health Department publishes how much stuff is allowed in food, how many ounces of rat droppings per ton, how many bugs, etc. (eeewwww)

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