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September 29, 2006


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Mum aka Mo (grandmother) aka Maureen Lyons

Ohhhhhhhhh, what a great blog - can visualize the 'nastics' scene so well :-) Way to go, triplets, and way to go to you, Tess, for making it possible for them to enjoy themselves so much.
M xox


"BIG SCHOOL" as Tallinn calls it is so much fun. Although 98% is in Cantonese they are starting to realize that the bean bags are for sitting on and listening to a story they have no idea what it's about and snack time is really cool because the Chinese girls bring chocolate biscuits. All five of our gorgeous blonds love "big School" and Tallinn comes home saying mummy I shared with JJ and I want JJ tome come to my house so I can give him a Buzz stamp (like yesterday when just Tallinn, JJ & I came up from the playground to have little a quality time whilst I made Zahlia her bottle). The triplets make Tallinn's day, each one of them.xx


I'm always so enthralled to hear that your babies are learning another language. I'm so sad that around here we don't seem to have places that teach that sort of thing. Seems weird to ask a different language speaking person you don't know: Hey can you teach my kid your language? I'll pay you. What kind do you speak anyways? "

Anyway I'm starting in with the spanish I know and hope it catches on.

Friday sounds like a superfun day. :)


Sounds like so much fun!!!


Sounds like a blast.

Must be a special thrill for you to see them tumbling around, knowing where they started. I often find myself thinking things like that.


That was my reaction too: awe and wonder and delight that your tiny, sweet, vulnerable preemies are doing all those wonderful things! Truly, Sela can climb and jump like that? Carys can do the balance beam, and somesault? Jasper likes to balance objects, run around and be chased? Such glorious answers to those heartfelt prayers from not-so-long-ago. What deep joy it must be to watch them - almost as much joy as they are feeling themselves!

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