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September 18, 2006


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Auntie Pammie

success is so personalized. I would love to share my stories but choose to keep them to myself at this time. I know that for me success is measured in small steps. This way it reduces the failure rate and sets reasonable goals for ones-self.


To me, success was discovering a career topic where I was good AND that I enjoyed.
To my friends, me working for free in my field of choice, until I got a grant, was success.


I don't feel I've succeded in anything as of yet. I'm proud of Ava, my daughter. But with my life in general not really. All the problems are too complex to put in one comment, but this is the second post I've read today about personal fullfillment and how to help you be the best you can and want to be. I've alot of things to think about today.


I LOVE to hear your stories, good and bad. But I like the good ones about my sweet Carys even better.

I've been following the babes since they were still in-utero days before being born!

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