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September 26, 2006


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What is glue ear? I hope their hearing issues turn out to be minor and treatable.


I hope the hearing loss is treatable, too.

I like to assume that parents are open with their kids about their conception story, even if they evade the question on the pages of "People." The alternative is just too distressing, really. Not least because you're right, kids are going to find out one way or another someday.


you already know that carys and jasper's ears will be fine. i'm sorry you have to deal with all the hoops and annoyances of the medical institution...again.

and if you see an at home testing kit with paternity/maternity results for only $15.99 please let me know. the only ones i have seen (online, not in magazines) are in the $200 range for non-court admissable results.

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