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October 19, 2006


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Oh Tessy! After our chat yesterday about Carys, I can't believe it. What a shock it must have been for you.

Now, I am in no place to say anything happy clappy, but remember what you told me yesterday. About praying. Do that prayer again, because that one worked. And I am convinced it will work again.

I love you


Auntie Pammie

I will be rooting for little lulu. It was nice talking to you last night....
Love you lots


you know the doctors don't know carys like you know carys. you know something they don't. you know her spirit. you know how far her determination has taken her and will take her. those are things that can't be measured by building block towers.

and as for the height predictions? why am i no where near 5'8" like the doctors predicted i would be? is it too late for me to get HGH shots? tibia surgery? i could do that. five feet is the perfect height for an olympic gold medal gymnist.



We haven't met but I read you quite a bit and Mag Charles. I have had pretty much the same diagnosis as Carys. I was delayed developmentally and they gave me the necessary hormones to get from short to my now 5'6'' to help my growth. (And that was before they got HGH in medical deliverable forms). They can do a lot and this is nothing but a bump, I promise you. I still deal with endocronologists all the time and while they are generally very knowledgeable people, I'll quote my primary care doctor when I asked a question to her. She said "endocronologists like to sovlve a patient on paper". And in my experience throughout the 22 years I've dealt with them it's true. Bedside manner is not their forte.

All this to say, Carys is more than the facts on paper. You know that and she will thrive because of it.

If you want to discuss my experience with Endocronology, feel free to e-mail me or any way I can help alleviate the smack.



Apparently early in the a.m. for me means I can't spell (endocrinology) geez.


I'm sorry- that must have been rough.
I guess I'm a little confused about why they'd consider growth hormones with a predicted height of 4'11" or 5'. That seems within the range of normal to me?
As for the developmental stuff- that's a harder pill to swallow. I hope your research guides you to stuff that is actually helpful, not stuff that makes you crazy with worry.
Thinking of you.

Lori in YK


Another hurdle for your little ones to overcome.

Thank heavens you are stronger now and so are they. Do not let the doctors make light all the giant steps it took to get where you are...even if there are more to come. You have a right to notice gratifying advances in place of "negatives"...you are their MOM!! There is nothing wrong with focusing on all the loving, learning and living that is going on around you everyday!!

Hang in there!!


my mother in law says you can talk to her anytime about the advantages of being 4'10" :)

Bangkok Expat Mama

The comments preceding mine are so wise and supportive, and i echo all of them, so to keep this one brief I'll just add that three of the strongest female personalities I've known in my life -- my mum, my youngest sister, and a friend from high school -- range in height from 4'11 1/2" to 5'1", but their petiteness doesn't define them. They've enountered frustrations, sure (like sitting behind a giant at the cinema), but all three are dynamic, confident people. Maybe the puberty-delaying hormones will help Carys grow taller, but if they don't, or if you choose not to administer them, she'll be fine either way because of all the love she's growing up with. She'll be more than fine, I'd wager a Slurpee on it. :)


Hi -
I'm a long time lurker, who happens to be 4'8" tall (full grown). The only reason my height has ever defined me is because my parents made it an issue. Short is short. Tall is tall. She'll be fine as long as you keep doing what you are doing - just love her :)


I'm sorry your defensive jacket was not at the ready - it can sting when you don't have its magical powers to use.

Your kids are quick studies and they'll do really well with OT - look at how they love gymnastics.

You'll sort out the growing issues with her best interests at heart, and do what you do best - parent with grace.



I am sorry to say that, no matter how skilled, I don't cozy to doctors who make random comments to strangers in hallways. So this doctor lost me when he critiqued Carys's walking up the stairs.

He should be helping you to hear the message, not being a stumbling block in your way. At least he has the power to set up appointments quickly.

As for the height prediction, I'd be curious to know how he tracks that. There's pretty decent research now on preemies and micropreemies, and it seems to indicate that children have catch-up growth between 6 and 8 and then in puberty, and that they reach their genetic height potential. Is there some special reasons why he fears Carys will be an exception to that rule? Or is he just tracking her up her current curve?

Regardless, I have several friends under 5' tall, and it doesn't hold them back.

Still, I'm sorry you've gotten a slew of discouraging news. I hope the weekend gives you space to process and prepare for the next step.

(Oh, and I think the Mommy guilt was really out of place. Your babies were born at 26 weeks. You have full-time helpers and a happy schedule of enriching activities. So which is more likely to be the cause of delays: birth circumstances, or environment? I'm going to go with the whole 26-weeker thing, myself. Sheesh. How does making you feel bad help Carys?)


And remember that small is not bad. My sister-in-law is just barely 5 feet tall (4'11-3/4 at one checkup) and she is the most wonderful friend, mother and wife in the world.


Being short is not bad- At 33,I am 5ft tall (I gain an extra 1/4 inch depending on how I style my hair, if that helps). It's all down hill from here- any growing I do will sadly, not be vertical. I am a fully functioning adult, though- no one mistakes me for a kid. And I dye my hair, so it can't be b/c they can see any grey ;-)

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