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October 29, 2006


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and, rofl at sela's attempts at upright evacuation. of course, i only laugh because i know (hope) in a few months i will be in the exact same place :).

Auntie Pammie

Way to go Carys....
Sela, I am sorry that you had to find out the hard way that we dont have the luxury of upright peeing
JJ, has the life of leisure.


This is HILARIOUS!!!!!! They are going to love this some years from now. Do I see a wee penis poking out from Jasper's pants?? LOL

I know how Sela feels. I had three brothers and was insanely jealous of their talents. Their favourite thing to do was pee against the burning barrel in the winter when Dad was burning garbage. It would hiss and steam and we got a kick out of that. I was SO MAD that I could not do it also:(

When we were camping during the summers, it was especially annoying that they would go anywhere. Other than that, I am thrilled that God made me female!:)

Karen and Landon Ritchey

Great photos, Tess!

Thanks for sharing such honesty!
Some of it makes me cry, and some of it makes me laugh out loud!
Your news is so inspiring to read...every time!
Hugs and love,

Louise M

I had a good memory laugh with this posting. I also have three brothers, tried to do the peeing standing up routine as a small child... What a mess.

Carrie Jo

This pic will be wonderful blackmail when they're teens!

Carrie Jo

the middle one, I meant.


Yes, be sure to take videos and show them to his girlfriends when he's 16.


I love the rainboots. Way to plan ahead!!

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