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October 23, 2006


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I think if I could talk to my younger self and clue myself in a bit (if I'd listen), I'd say, "Find yourself, then be yourself."

Not that I wasn't doing either, but if I'd lived that mantra more fully, I think there would have been more joy, more fulfilling choices, less doubt & more chances taken.

Life hasn't been rife with or absent of any of those things, but steering a course that is true to one's self, always, it seems to my now, sadly, older self to lead to better versions of each opportunity that life presents.

Strangely - if I had to choose one over the other - high school or college - to relive and do the same way, I think I'd select high school. I adored most of college, but I think high school had a current of youthful indulgence, self-confidence, and life-long friendships forged that I remember with fondness. (Not to mention the music!)

Which would you choose?


boy, this entry hits hard today. today is sagan's birthday. happiness, bouncing around playing with his balloons, no school today. two days ago an old friend died suddenly of a heart attack. a gentle giant. he was younger than marshall. sadness, grief, worry for his wife. it's been a weird weekend.

yes, overall life is good. even john's death reminds me of that. i met him when i was a messed up teenager. he was in his early 20's and had been a messed up teenager himself. he is the person who let me know that life does get better. john, life did get better. thanks.

Auntie Pammie

I am heading out the door as I write this to go and write my final exam for my NURS 391.....


Do you mind if I copy/send this off to my daughter, who is also in her first year at university?

I agree with you, I would choose high school. Class of 1984


Interesting. Both college and high school were fraught with tension and drama, but I think I'd pick college. High school was just really hard emotionally- college was too but I was on more solid ground.
I remember reading a magazine article years ago- this woman had been paid by the magazine to go back and pretend to be a junior in high school again. She was all prepared to be her confident 30-something adult self mascarading as a teen, giving the other kids life lessons in the "just be yourself" school of thought. And she found that in going back, the social conformity required in high school was hard for her even as an adult, and that being around other 17-year-olds made it all too easy to slip back into her 17-year-old insecure self. It was an interesting essay- not at all like one would think going back to high school would be.

Lori in YK

I would definately go back to highschool in the late 80's and not just to relive my days of giant hair, neon clothing and blasting WHAM on my ghetto blaster. I would want to go back knowing what I know now and give it another shot....give people that I judged back then a chance....who knows what may have happened had I been a little more open minded?!

I am going through the teenage years with my daughter (15) as we speak and I am not sure I would want to venture into the folds of highschool melodrama in this day and age!! Times certainly have changed and teenagers seem to have so much more to think about....I am fairly confident that she will be thinking the very same thing while mulling over motherhood in the future.

Thanks for the opportunity to digress a little and Congrats to your friend!! I wish her the very best that freedom and education can offer!!

"Long live the Mullet!" LOL

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