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October 20, 2006


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Don't make me out to be wondrous - I came a little unhinged with my own guy today. Sleep is a necessity, and sometimes I forget to read that fine print.

I'm sorry that you had an all night bout with the demons of sleeplessness, but am happy you at least got a sweater out of it & some things crossed off the proverbial to do lists!

As for the children, I'm as certain as ever that you will all manage quite well. This is a small hurdle compared to those that you have already been over. I am happy, though, that you have a lovely husband to go the with the route.

Let the news sink in first, then you'll be ready to tackle it all head-on.



I'm sorry about the insomnia and the discouraging appointments. But wow, you have a fantastic husband! And the information that discourages you now will empower you later.

Meanwhile, you have lots of friends on the internet to lend their long-distance support.


I know this is not the first time that you've had to take in and, by the grace of God, work through it, so, therefore, I know you can. Fortunately, you have a wonderful husband to help you along the way.


Okay, I can't type this morning. That was supposed to read, "take in bad news and,......"


You don't know me and I don't even know anymore how I found your blog but you and ALL your little ones are in my prayers. Here's a mental hug!


Awwww Tess - I know it's hard, but try not to worry too much. With you and Charles as their parents I KNOW they will get all the care they need. Most preemies take awhile to catch up - but they will catch. They will.

Hope you are recovering well, I have been thinking of you bunches!


I'm sorry for the shock of this news, yesterday and today, which would be difficult to hear even if you were expecting trouble. It's so painful to hear a negative assessment of your beloved children.

Our kids were still significantly delayed at 2 1/2, both in physical development and speech-language. We were very concerned for them. However at 3 1/2 they no longer needed OT or PT follow-up, and at 4 1/2 they were discharged from speech therapy. All have done very well in kindergarten and so far in grade one.

Our smallest babe, who followed her own growth chart curve around the 5th to 10th percentile, has suddenly caught up significantly to her siblings between age 5 and 6. She still has lower muscle tone, and can't run as fast as the others, but she enjoys sports and dance, and excels at fine motor tasks, reading and music.

Our kids (triplets born at 30 weeks) are not really a close match for yours, but I hope to offer a little encouragement. Delay is not a permanent condition, therapies can be very successful, and preemies can continue to "catch up" both in growth and in development. Yours have come along so far already! They are little heroes, and so are you, their loving parents.

From this discouraging news, and the therapy plans to come, may you find renewed strength, courage and hope.

Lori in YK

Hi Tess;

You have alot going on in your life right now and insomnia can be an indicator that a time out may be overdue. Maybe to lift your spirits a little Charles and yourself could steal away for an evening...dinner, dancing (a little romancing??!!)... just a little time to focus on eachother.

Take good care of yourself and be assured that the everything else will fall into place.


That must have been hard to hear- I'm sorry. I hope that the therapies help. And I know the praying will.
Get a good night's sleep tonight. :)


I love you. I love MC. And I love your children. You are a great mother Tess and they are in good hands with you. I know this enough for both of us.

Love you. C

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