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October 24, 2006


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go mommy!

and, see carys, peeing in the potty is fun! listen to the music. clog the toilet with tp. flush six times. and then, if all that isn't fun enough, you get to play in the sink....with soap! i bet you look spiff in your new undies too.

Auntie Pammie

You go girl!


Hi sunshine,
I had to laugh at this one, my fave little Carys.

Miss A is almost 3.5 and we are having issues with poo on the toilet. We've tried reward, fear of God and time-outs, and now we're back to rewards/bribery. This one is not so much fun!

PS-Glad you're on the mend!
PSS-Hug MC for me. He always sends me an inspirational email at the most important of times. You two are truly angels of god to me.


Ohhh, yeah. I have one daughter with an iron will and an iron bladder too. There were some not-fun days!

It does sound like Carys wants to wear her pretty knickers, so I think your timing is probably good. If she is truly not ready, you will know all about it, and you can always take a break and try again next month.
Good luck Carys, and good luck Tess!

Mo aka Mozilla53 aka Grandmother aka Maureen

Way to go, baby girl!! Tess, I hardly dare wonder what will happen on Day #2 as Iron Will A and Iron Will B again lock horns..... or not, maybe this will be another miracle in the Carys saga!

Love, M xox

Lori in YK

Toilet training...ahhhh the good old days! I remember them well. My son was alot like Carys and I remember hoping (silly I know)that I was not going to give him Hemeroids at 21/2 by sticking him on the potty 50 times a day just to have him save it until he could hide in the closet. I remember the begging, the pleading, the yelling and of course every once in a while the clapping for a job well done!

Hang in there Tess...you are not alone in your search for clean knickers and of course being the winner of the all important
"Battle of Wills".

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