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November 12, 2006


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Bangkok Expat Mama

Are your younger three living with hearing loss? My son age 7 was and the grommets truly helped. Surgery wasn't fun, to say the least, but he went from hearing impaired to perfect hearing within a few days. What a difference in his speech and behaviour! I hope the ENT doc says they're not necessary for your little ones, but if the doc recommends grommets and you're comparing people's stories to decide what to do, you can count my son as someone who's had a good experience.

Bangkok Expat Mama

Oh and of course good luck with the appointment tomorrow -- may your wee ones be as stoic as possible while someone's checking their precious little ears! x


Grommets? As in Wallace and?
As for the tears, the trips plus one across the street seem to be the same - lots of screaming going on all the time, and dramatic?


Tess: I can’t help but laugh at the tales that come from your side of the globe. I hope that someday our families get a chance to meet. Good luck with the ENT appointment. Miss A had “grommets” or as we call them here ear tubes, and did great. She was to the point that her hearing was beginning to suffer so we got t hem at the right time. They are supposed to fall out on their own. Her tubes didn’t so we had a 2nd surgery to have them removed. No big deal.

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