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November 14, 2006


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I've always heard that drops of body temperature olive oil or mineral oil ("baby oil") a few times a day for a few days will help with build-up. Also, that you can use a syringe with warm water to float out the wax after is has loosened with the oil.

Perhaps you can google & see what is out there for advice? Just thinking that if they don't have perforations, you might be able to save a bit on the cleaning.



Yeah, the ear wax is a real nuisance. Some kids just have thick gooey wax that is hard to get rid of. Our daughter M has this problem, and quite often when I think she has an ear infection, the family doctor can't see anything but wax. So frustrating! M had ear tubes put in when she was 2 1/2 and they seemed to help a lot for the next 3 years - longer than usual before the second one finally came out.

Our ENT has recommended we use an over-the-counter oil called Cerumol, a few drops into the ear(s) daily for 5 days to soften the wax and help to remove it.
If that is done, he can use a little pick tool thing to try to remove some wax when he sees her. But he says he doesn't like to have to use the tool, because kids get upset and then don't want to sit still and cooperate for future appointments. (no wonder!)
Maybe a little oil is worth a try?
Good luck,

Auntie Pammie

Sorry to hear about JJ. I feel for you being swallowed up in the whole different diagnosis game.. It is too bad that all of these specialists cannot agree on what is "up".
If it makes you feel any better , we got hammered with LOTS Of snow over the last 36 hours, Your kidlets would love it....


Ah, I'm sorry. I hope they get this straightened out sooner rather than later. Not knowing what's going on really stinks.


what is it with kids and poorly timed puke? sagan started puking two hours before his birthday party. *sigh*

my doctor's office uses a water pick, the same kind you can get for your teeth, to get ear potatoes out. and, yeah, they charge a ridiculous amount for the service. i hope you can get some more definitive answers soon. HugS

Lil Liberal

"Debrox" works really well with me. I have to wear hearing aids due to a hearing loss, so the wax gets pushed into my ear canal and builds up sort of a wall between the hearing aid and my eardrum, and is a pain in the butt not to mention painful when it builds up to the point of pushing into the eardrum whenever I put my hearing aids in--so the ear doctor recommended "Debrox", and it works surprisingly well.

The olive oil thing also works, although less well. I did that for about a week, then used warm water to flush out the wax--the thing is, if the olive oil doesn't melt the wax enough, then the water can get trapped in the wax and cause infections.

Olive oil + perioxide after the week also seems to work, and the fizzy feeling is... delightful. Anticipate squirmy children. I think the peroxide has less of a potential problem than the water in terms of infection.

Lori in YK

Any feelings that I have had about my life being too crazy went out the door after reading your entry...WOW!

There is nothing worse than the waiting when it comes to kids and Dr.s. Here is to speedy diagnosis and hanging in there with some rationalization of sanity...even with misplaced vomit!!


I've got the same problem and use some drops designed for clearing the ears (I'll look up the name when I get home). Tilt head, a few drops in an ear, wait a few minutes while it fizzes and then flush it out with a little bulb thingie and warm water and out comes a nice little eraser sized plug of was. Repeat tilting head the other way with other ear.
Don't know if the kids will put up with it, but it sure helps my hearing to do it every few months.

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