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November 06, 2006


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yea! to sela, carys, and jasper!!!

*HugS* to mom. and grats to you for being able to let them go. it's hard, sometimes, to not think of them as tiny, fragile babies, but i guess they haven't been that for a long time.

oh, and happy belated b-day to Mozilla! (i'll always remember your birthday, just a few days late :).

Auntie Pammie

this aunties heart is cracking with you.....
loved the video of kids singing happy B-day to MO....
LOve to all


Hi Sweetie,
Catching up on posts. So you’ll have multiple comments in this one!

“i thought i was off crack”: Miss A waves me off when she goes to school and it stings. I’m glad she is confident but jeesh, sometimes I wish I’d get that extra hug or a “I’ll miss you mommy” instead of “see ya!”

“Lifts”: Good Sebbie. : ) and Good Tess for making him the badge.

“Carys and knickers”: Woo hoo my sweet Carys for dry knickers! Sela, sorry babe, that’s one area we can’t be like the boys. (But that’s pretty funny that she tried).


Well, all growing up and Mom's the one crying? Next step is off to college (yes, it seems to fly up before you know it).


where does the time go? feels like yesterday we were reading about them in the NICU. and now they go off to kindy on their own. sigh.


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