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November 21, 2006


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"why do i bother???"

well, you must be doing something right. he understands that guns are bad (okay, avoiding the argument of whether or not they are and teaching children to use them correctly, etc., he's certainly at the age where gun=bad is probably the way to go). as lessons go, it's probably the more important one of the two.

Auntie Pammie

My heart stopped while reading this. I am glad that he only needed 4 stitches, but poor little guy, he is going to have a headache later.
Please do send him my love and I am so glad that you were protecting him from the gun in the fountain ( wink wink).
Love Auntie Pammie xoxo


Yes, so glad you got him away from that fountain.


are guns in fountains a common occurance in HK? ;)


Oh, dear. I'm so glad Sebastian is okay. However, the not-listening thing seems to get worse at 6 years old, sorry to say! It's definitely an issue at our house. At least it's an issue for me - the children don't seem bothered!

Lori in YK

I have to ask...was there really a gun at the bottom of the fountain or did I miss something??

Glad to know that Seb is going to be fine!! Hope that you are feeling better real soon too.

In parting.... I would just like to say that it is really a very sad world when a taxi driver is more interested in the aesthetics of his car rather than in the well being of a bleeding child!!!


Poor Sebbie! And poor Mum, for it’s enough to handle it when you’re well but when you’re sick! A gun?!?!?!?


Oh My.

I'm impressed by YOUR calm.

I hope he recovers quickly, and that you do too!

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