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November 08, 2006


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You've got your own comedic troupe there!

(I have to admit, however, that after the words "green apple curry" it was quite hard to keep my focus. I kept thinking, why doesn't she have a link to the recipe?!)

Auntie Pammie

I love the system. These kids are going to keep you hopping with the whole " I didnt do it"....
Love to you all...P


Tess: OMG that is too funny. Miss A is constantly putting the dog in time-out. Just last night, he kept going into her room and lying on her bed. She told him three times to get off the bed. She stormed back in, hands on her hips and frowning, “B, if you don’t get off of my bed you are not going to make me very happy and you will go in time out AND you will have to go downstairs and you won’t be my friend for awhile.” However, growing up, I was constantly blamed for things that I didn’t do, by my little brother. There are FOURTEEN years between us. I went off to college and was still getting blamed for things and I was five hours away. : ) Scapegoats are nice, lol!


Too bad they can't coordinate better. Or maybe better for you that they don't.

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