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November 17, 2006


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Tess: There is nothing wrong with bribing kids w/ candy. I SWORE I’d NEVER do that. I caved.

Auntie Pammie

Tess, didnt you predict that JJ would be the one who would take to modelling???
I am sorry to hear about the girls not participating.. cannot wait to see the pics


It should pay good money - put it away for college. Take it now while people are saying yes and the kids are saying yes (well, the one is, the others might after naps). Maybe they will get rich and famous and then I can say 'I remember when'

Lori in YK

Glad to hear that things were at least slightly better since the "nap" episode! I believe it to be normal for all aspiring models to have tantrums now and again...or at least it might be nice to have something to blame it on. LOL!!

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