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November 30, 2006


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With tears in my eyes, I smile. Smile because Seb has grown into such a handsome and precious five-year-old. A year and a half ahead of my little man who I THOUGHT I gave birth to just yesterday. But it seems that I am wrong. Every day I am reminded of just how quickly time does pass.

Happy Birthday wishes and kisses to Seb. We love you!

Auntie Pammie

Happy Birthday Sebbie.
Auntie will call you with belated wishes when she knows you will actually be home,because you are 5 now you have a social schedule that is far more busier than mine!!
Lots of Love ,
Auntie Pammie ( Pannie)


five years and five weeks here. no, it wasn't just yesterday. it was the day before yesterday! really. that's all it was. and now kindergarten? tomorrow college? weird. i'm not old enough to have a five year old.

happy birthday seb!


Beautifully written Tess. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEBASTIAN!
Five is a delightful age - what fun adventures you will have together.


Happy Birthday Sebastien. You are well and truly loved. People all over Canada are thinking of you and the joy you bring to the world.


Awwwwwwwwwwwww. Amazing how quickly they grow! Love you Sebastian! Happy Birthday!

Grandad Blake

Happy birthday Sebbie . It doesn't seem that long ago when your mum was 5 years old and '' cwacking '' hearts too.

Love to all, Grandad Blake


Happy Birthday Seb...you are all of a hand of fingers old now!! Tess...enjoy it! Your little boy is a litte man these days!!

Love to you all!


Wow!! i didnt realize Seb was FIVE! The time does fly.. Hope your birthday was great! Never fear Tess, he will always be your little baby (I held an 11 yo on my lap just today ;-))


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