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December 18, 2006


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Oh, how could he have confused the snakes with parcheesi? At least he didn't think it was battleship.


Sorry for the delay in responding.
I was arguing a point with a former garage attendent at the Glenrose Hospital regarding the validity of some security camera tapes. Shall I say more? My lawyer is at the 9th step of his program now and will be ready for action by the time he finds his big glasses.
Love Dad "the discreet"!


yes and my lawyer was interviewing past employees of a certain pizza joint, as well as customers. something about the sauce. and then there was the bakery at the us/canadian border.

you wanna play?


Hi kitten,
just stopping in to say hi and hope you all have a very merry christmas. tell mag char that his emails keep me going. : )

Auntie Pammie

considering where I am right now I could bust you two wide open.. HUsh money apreciated.. At least no one has dirt on me...ha


oh, come on you two! stop this innuendo right now!

details! we want details! (video/photos are good too.) :D


Come on Blakers, we want more scoop!

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