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December 14, 2006


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I found Grey's this past summer on re-runs and was instantly hooked!!!! THen we lost our cable when we moved and bye bye Grey's... but I still try to watch it at neighbors!! This season is even better!!! xo lyns


Adrienne and I are hooked as well. After we met, she got up to date, and now our favourite night is Sundays, when we watch the latest downloaded episode. The current one is available on ABC's site for the week following the original airing, for US viewers only (I'm told that a computer can be "rearranged" to think that it is in the US).


Hubie burst into tears while he was watching the cake making and birthday videos. He desperately wanted to be in Hong Kong, and couldn't understand why he couldn't be.

Love Lucy

Louise M

I love G.A. Darling daughter wanted both year 1/2 for her 22nd birthday, couldn't wait, bought them in September. We got caught up before the third year startd, and now have been recording each week because I work shift work... Wait until the season two cliff hanger... Season three is great. Have also gotten hooked on the new Battlestar Galactica, filmed in Vancouver... 1,000 times better then the '70s show. Loved the cake decorating video.


I'm also a huge Grey's fan. But, my new favorite show this year is Friday Night Lights--starring a Kelowna native!

Were you happy about the Amazing Race result? I thought the race was much better this year, but without conflict, got to be somewhat less compelling...


I don't know our babies' lengths at birth either. Wish I did - but it's not very important in the grand scheme of things.
We do know their birth weights (pounds or grams) and the times off by heart!
Hope you are all having fun preparing for Christmas,


Hi Tess
I know I'm late commenting
Your comment about the kids lengths resonated. We didn't find out Jess' length either - when they are trying to help your baby live length is not important. weight yes because of the dugs but length wasn't even a consideration. I had them measure her when she stabilised some days later (same with head circumference too) and I was interested. But yep, wasn't something they did at first.

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