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December 17, 2006


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I'm so glad they enjoy the puzzles, I had completely forgotten about them. My kids still love them, but Hugh still doesn't like it that Ollie's is longer!
Love Lucy


When it gets too difficult Tessie do what you did about 30 years ago at Gran's house. Immediately after losing storm out of the room and disappear.When Sebastian finds you continue packing your suitcase and advise him you are going home.It seems to work. Gran hasn't won a game of snakes and ladders since.
Love, Dad


*grin* thank you frugal blake for that wonderful image of tess as a tot. feel free to embar...er...post more :).


Oh my... I know EXACTLY how you feel Tess! My twins are 4 1/2 and naturally hate to lose. Every time we play games I always throw in a quick win just when the "tushie wiggle dance" gets too out of hand!


This post has me laughing. "Exile from my loins" -- priceless.

Am I an even more bad mother because "concentration" (aka Memory) drives me batty and we never, ever play? No wonder my kids are crazy for the school holidays to start....


At Seb's age I let me daughter win most of the time too, but started winning once in awhile. She was okay with it as long as she got to win the last round.

We ALL secretly want to win!

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