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December 07, 2006


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i wonder if we ever have everyone in our house well at the same time. children are vectors.


oh yuk Tess - 4 all at once! Is it better or worse when they have it all at the same time - I suppose it would be exhausting if they dragged it out over weeks but wow!
Dora just had a quick flu here - lots of vomit for about 4-5 hours then the fever, lethargy and exhaustion - much better after a good day and night of rest - but I can't imagine it times 4.
I had 7 loads of laundry (mostly from the first middle of the night vomit which got everywhere...I shudder to multiply that!!)
Hope everyone feels much better!!


Four sick, in sequence to prolong it. Oh my, sorry for you all.

Auntie Pammie

Tess, if it makes you feel better, I have the same bug right now and it is my final week in school, I have to do a presentation in front of 50 people today all while nauseated and watching the room spin around me.. I am with you sister,
Hang in there!
Love Auntie Pannie xo

Lori in YK


We have been lucky to stave off sickness so far this year so I am out of practice...kind of hoping it stays that way! There is no way I could cope with 4 sick kids while feeling ill myself....wishes for a speedy recovery and a very healthy Christmas Season to you all!

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