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December 03, 2006


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last year sagan got teased in school because of his echolalia. this year he seems to have stopped on his own at school. at home, however, he still copies his sister (usually when she is whining). i can't tell if it's echolalia, something that's involuntary for him like stuttering was for your brother, or if it's sibling rivalry and copying just because he knows it gets to me.

last year i was more like your mom. gently reminding him not to copy. this year, since he has stopped at school, i tend to run out of patiences with him when he does it. i'm sure part of that is me being annoyed at the whining from both kids. part of it is the fact that if he has stopped at school, he should have stopped at home, which leaves me believing that he's just teasing his sister and not echoing her.

where is the line? probably somewhere in my attitude. when it was a quiet reminder i was probably the helpful mom. now that i'm simply annoyed at the behaviour i'm probably not all that helpful. thanks for the reminder.

Auntie Pammie

Tess, I will help any way I can, call me so we can talk about it..
BTW tonight is the second last AMaz Race..cannot wait.
me xo


I have no idea where that line is. It's tricky, especially because there are some constants about kid behavior, but some differences, too. Stuff that I remember being social death in grade school just don't seem to phase kids these days.

This really is one of the great struggles as kids get older -- because a parent's criticisms can be worse than a peer's. But it sounds as if you're being matter-of-fact and kind about it, so what else to do?

We have had issues more along the lines of, "it's good that you like that, but some kids might tease you" and I never know when to say something (and risk making the child self-conscious unnecessarily) and when to stay silent.

Best wishes.


Yes, hard to figure out what is what, especially for a loving mom that wants the best for her kid.
Just be careful.

Carrie Jo

The kindness and patience that you show in your actions, body language, and words in make all the differece in the world.

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