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January 08, 2007


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Oh no! Poor Seb!

Have you considered the thought of a pen pal program for Seb to pursue with her once it sinks in to him that she's moved? Maybe that notion held back, and then dosed when he does realize it would help to sooth the hurt he'll feel?

If it helps at all to know, I still keep in lovely contact with my best friend from age 5, so it is possible to have a long term friendship with someone he knows at his age many years in to the future.

Back to the pen pal thing - you could make a special trip with him to pick out a post card or two to write notes on & then off to post them, you know?

I realize it is terribly low tech, but there is something really awesome about getting a piece of mail with a picture and a great stamp from a friend.

I think my heart broke a bit for Seb tonight.


Would a web cam on both sides ease the transition a bit when he is longing for a look of his friend? ((hugs to Seb))


It's National De-Lurking week and I read you, but rarely (if ever) comment. SOoooo now you get a comment and can go "who is this nutjob who is commenting on my blog"

I hope your son does okay with his friend moving away. I agree with the pen pal thing. It'd be a lot of fun for both kids most likely.


*sniff* *sniff*

poor sebbie. it's tough. living in a college town, i understand how he feels. (un?)fortunately i have age on my side. HugS to seb.


Ooooh - I like the penpal idea - have them keep in touch, anticipation of cards showing up, learning to write and tell stories on paper - nice idea.

auntie Pannie

to shed some humour on this gloomy task, I always said annie ( or any other girl) wasnt good enough for my Sebbie, I know he will be fine xoxo

Cap'n John

While in Tullamarine last year with both my families, waiting to come back to Los Angeles with just one of them, my 6 y/old son finally understood the huge difference between Australia and the U.S. and broke down, which made it extremely hard for everyone there. Later that year when Nan, my sister & her hubby visited he had a great time with them, but even at one month long their trip was over way too soon and when the shuttle arrived to take everyone to the airport my son refused to say goodbye to them. Of course as soon as the shuttle left he started crying his little heart out. It's so hard to comfort your child and ease his pain when your own heart is breaking in two as well.

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