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January 01, 2007


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that's a tough one. i've never lived in a town without family around. and now with kids i can't imagine not having grandparents around to help out occasionally.

of course, i also think how nice it would be to live in a larger city and get to see other parts of the world and other cultures. my navy brat friend always talks fondly of her many adventures in guam and visiting other parts of asia. i've been outside of my country exactly twice (i don't count a few hours in tijhuana) and enjoyed it. but there's no realistic way for us to go anywhere with kids.


Can't say about the Canadian bit.

I do know that I have a secret longing in my own heart to be able to do as Tertia is, and have beach days at Christmas. We had a lovely Christmas here, but it was shortened because of travel due to storms in the Rocky Mountains, and wanting to avoid them. So, we didn't spend the time we'd wished and we're only a state away. Go figure.

On the internet - how'd you do it? I nearly passed out when it went out around 10pm here one Thursday evening, and the threat loomed however that it would be out until at least Sunday. Then my brilliant guy figured out what might be wrong, and fixed it before dawn on Friday. Yay!


Delurking to say how well I understand where you're coming from. We too chose (for different reasons, but nevertheless) to live over 6,000 miles away from family - Israel (us) and the States (them) in our case. And yes, some times of the year are harder than others. For me though, the very toughest times are the week after the grandparents leave. When we've all seen how very wonderful it is to be together and can't help but think about how lovely it would be to have each other around more often, and when my nearly 6 year old son starts saying things like "why can't we live in America? I'm going to grow up and move right next to Grandma and Grandpa!" I think my heart is going to break wide open. And then, a few days later, we find ourselves dining outside overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in December, or laughing together at a gathering of good friends, and somehow it all fades into the background again. For a while...


PS Glad your recent quiet spell was just (just! as if...) a lack of internet, and not the curry.

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