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January 13, 2007


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Auntie Pammie

Tess, so sorry re: olive's passing. Your intuition was on full alert as you had mentioned to me many times over the last while that she was not well. I agree that she passed in peace.
Good helmet promo, I am also HUGE advocate.
Good on for JJ , please tell him Auntie Pammie lovess him ( all the kids) and how proud I am of him for being such a brave boy!
Love to you all.


huge HugS to you and mc. pets really are members of the family, and it's always a sad day when they leave us, even when we do try to prepare ourselves. olivia will leave a hole in your family that will not easily be filled.

i am glad that your relative will be okay. it's always scary when someone gets hurt. i hope he heals quickly.


Delurking to say that my heart is with you all. Our own kitty (12 1/2) has been slowing down a bit and acting a lot like your Olivia over the past month or so. I took her to the vet last week and all the test results came back fine, but I'm sad to think that she's probably entering the twilight. She was our first baby before we had kids -- for 5 years she was an only child. Peace to you all.


Oh Tess, I'm so sorry about Olivia. What a tough string of days. We are going through the same with our dog - 13 yrs old and after seeing the vet...I'm only buying time right now. When she goes, my heart will break. She was with me before I left Yellowknife, got married, etc. On another note, I'm glad Jasper's grommets went in and he is home. He will feel so much better. What a brave boy he is indeed!! And the plea to wear helmets was so very well worded and direct. I couldn't agree more. My heart goes out to your relatives and I pray good news comes to them soon.

Maureen aka Mo aka Grandmother aka Mozilla

Ah Tess. Crack goes my heart. I have such fond memories of Olivia and I 'negotiating' for space beside that heater. She was a dear girl and am so grateful she died cozy and peaceful. And what a good brave boy JJ is.... Grandad Blake and I are so proud of him and send our love to you all - M xox


Ugh- what a tough week for you. I hope your relative makes a full recovery. I'm sorry about Olivia, but glad to hear Jasper is doing so well.



I can't agree with you more on helmets. I lost a friend this year when he rode a four-wheeler (for the first time) fell off lapsed into a coma and then drifted into vegetative state. His wife of six months was then left to pick up what pieces there were and make choices no one should have to make.

All to say - wear helmets. WEAR HELMETS!!!

I love to hear about the kids and am constantly amazed at the growth and progress. Bless you and Mag Char.



Tess, so sorry to hear about Olivia. Our dog died in March after the aging (getting less puppy-like, playful) but we still didn't know she was THAT close until we came home and found her. And yes, I think you're right about Olivia in heaven!
hope Jasper heals well!


Oh Tess - I am so sorry to hear of Olivia's passing. Although the loss is great - there is some amount of comfort in knowing that she passed peacefully in the home that she loved. HER home.

I love you.

Carrie in MN

Oh Tess, so sorry to hear of Miss Olivia's passing. I know how much she meant to you and Charles. Glad the grommets went well. What a brave little man!!

Love you hun!



I got your email and now come here and see all that has been going on in your life. Your strength is an inspiration to me. I feel blessed to know you and your overzealous Hallmark swishy self.



Dearest Tess -

1) As you well know, I too am a HUGE helmet advocate! You know the whole story of my then 8yo nephew being run over by a pick up while on his bike. Though many bones were broken he LIVED BECAUSE OF HIS HELMET!!!! He certainly would not have if it weren't for the helmet. I pray your friend will be ok.

2) I am glad to hear all went well with J. He is such a big boy doing so well at the hospital!!!

3) Oh Tess I am so sorry about Olivia. She was such a companion to you and your family for so long. I know it hurts to lose such a friend, but you gave her a very good life......and now she looks over you all.

God Bless you and your family. I miss you!!!


Hope Jasper is home and well and feeling fine.
So very sorry about your kitty! I agree with Sebastian that she is in kitty heaven!


So sorry about your little kitty. I still think of my Gemma and she has been gone a year now.

Re: the helmet thing. The daughter of a guy I used to work with went riding without her helmet (which she usually wore), took a fall and wound up in a coma for 8 weeks. She never fully recovered.



Happy to hear Jasper did well with the ear tubes.

Helmets are always important!!!

So sorry about Olivia's passing. Still miss our Midnight kitty who left us 4 years ago.



Many hugs to you all.

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