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January 19, 2007


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I lost my mom 6 years ago, very suddenly (pulmonary embolus), and it was just like that: I'd see something on tv and think, 'oh i've got to call her.' the phone would ring and I'd expect to hear her voice. I'd see something in a shop and think, 'mom would love that, i'll buy it for her.' Just for a split second each time--but there it was, just like your thoughts w/ olivia. losing a parent is terribly hard, but it makes more sense, in terms of chronology, than losing a child. I cannot imagine that at all. the fact that olivia is in your mind when you're doing these tasks means she was an integral part of your family, and very well loved.


it hurts. but you don't lose them completely. a loved pet, just like a loved one, becomes part of who you are. that part never goes away.


Auntie P

hugs and kisses xoxoxo


Even after 3 years I still miss my little Angel girl. After 16 years of companionship how can you not?!
Olivia will be with you forever sweetie. Hugs.


We're still mourning the loss of a very loved kitty we lost in the fall. It's not a daily thing now, but there are times I realize Emily will not remember him other than our stories about him.I'm sad she doesn't know the kitty who laid on my pregnant belly every night, making us joke she'd be born expecting everyone to purr.

They become part of the family, and then some, and it's hard to see them go.

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