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January 30, 2007


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sagan does absolutely nothing at school either. a year and a half of nothing. kinda makes me wonder who is doing is worksheets and spelling tests for him. whomever he is bribing needs some work. he should find someone with better handwriting.

good luck JJ! have lots of fun and make sure to make mommy a macaroni necklace to wear out to dinner. and don't forget that shirts are for getting the paint off of your fingers.

so, what are your plans with all this new free time you will soon have?

Maureen aka Mo aka Grandmother aka Mozilla

Bravo JJ!! Grandad Blake and I are so proud of you. You have a ball, little man!

Much love to you, Jasper -
Mo and Grandad Blake


Congratulations, Jasper! How exciting to be so grown up now.
My sympathies, Tess, this is certainly a bitter-sweet milestone. Our son got the idea of potty training sooner than his sisters, too. So many people say girls will be first, but not at our house. Yay, Jasper!
I hope the girls will follow him quickly, and that the school will accept them as soon as they are ready.


Congrats Jasper! Its amazing to think how far you've come from 3 years ago March/April.
Good luck Monday, Tess (you'll probably need it more than he will)!


Wow, old enough to go off to school already.


Jasper sounds so cute! Can't wait to hear more!


As you know, I have three sons and one daughter. My boys were potty trained long before their sister, which surprised me. I had heard girls were easier. NO WAY. Not here:)

Wow, school, eh?? Man I dunno how you do it! I hate sending my kids away and LOVE the homeschooling. This year that three of the four are trying public school is really hard on me. Hard on them in ways, but mostly they are alright with it. Besides the being much more bored than they are at home and the bad language and weird teachers, they are liking it:)


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