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February 07, 2007


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On such a winter's day....

Loved all of the songs you mentioned. How great he shared with us, isn't it? There are some songs that will sit with you for eternity, and a chorus or two will be thanks to him.

We had a Suburban with wood panels & REAR speakers! The Carpenters and The Cars got the most play on our family trips. That and some Ray Conniff.

DO NOT SPEAK BADLY OF RAY CONNIFF. I will have to stomp my foot & leave the room.



rear speakers! i guess all that talk about oprah being raised in poverty was all media hype.


With a fader - music upfront, in back, left, right, everywhere.

And I dare say I could put on The Cars today and everyone in my family would know the lyrics and that My Best Friend's Girl would come after Good Times Roll, etc.

That's just how cool we were, er are!

Bye Bye Love


Mamas and Papas and Ray Conniff( his version of Oklahoma is the epitome of great music) now that would make a wonderful musical ride to Edmonton.

Love, Dad


Some of Mama Cass' songs are about the nicest pure notes - she had a loverly voice.

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