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February 15, 2007


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better 36 squares than skid marks.

and i agree. 5 is too young to switch from mommy to mom. sagan tries it sometimes too and it just sounds weird. then again, i have a friend who still calls her mom "mommy" at 30-something. that sounds weird too. so, somewhere between 5 and 35 one should switch, but i don't know when.

seb is such an introspective, thoughtful little person. it's so much fun watching him grow up through your blog. all too fast, but still exciting.


With all that activity, where do you find time to write all this down?
He does sound like a marvelous kid.

Auntie Pammie

Did you at least let him bake me that birthday cake you spoke of?
Tess, this blog was great......
I cannot wait to see all of you in a few short months!


He sounds absolutely delightful! Five years old is a really fun age to be. So much to learn and explore this year! What fun you will have together.
Can we see some pictures please?

Maureen aka Mo aka Grandmother aka Mozilla

Tess, you express it all so well -what a wonderful little boy you have been given. ..... his hair is NOT totally blonde anymore?... Crumb :-(

Much love, M xox

Leslie Straker

I saw "Tess's little pieces" a few times on Kara's blog and than it dawned on me who you were ... wow how our lives have changed since the YK Fitness days! You're living in Hong Kong and 4 children sounds so interested and busy. We are still here in Yellowknife, two children and just bought a funky pad in old town ... Leslie

Our blog is randyls.wordpress.com

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