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February 11, 2007


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oh, goodness. at least we weren't in the grocery store. and i agree, telling sagan he got stuck and the doctor had to cut a hole in mommy's tummy was *MUCH* easier than trying to explain how zali found the proper exit. so far he's been easily diverted with with talk of what we will do when baby brother gets here. of course, i guess i should take notes, because i'm sure to get a few more in-depth questions soon (oh, please, fsm, make it SOON). and then the lovely questions regarding breastfeeding. yes, sweetie, mommy is just like a cow. in more ways than one.

i know when i was about five i asked my mom "the question." she broke out the encyclopedia britanica's with the see-through anatomy pages and gave me a lesson that would hold me until vertebrate anatomy in college. so, maybe next time i'll go the tmi route and fill his head with so much jargon that it gets stuck and won't come back out his mouth for a couple of decades.


Not too young...Noah asked me about it the other day...and he's 4 on Tuesday!!! His questions didn't come out of the blue seeing as he is well aware that I am having another baby.... He was very curious about the baby coming out too...more so b/c he wants to play with the baby and can't wait!!! We've always been really direct with the kids...not just with correct vocabulary, but treating their questions with the respect they deserve (as you did with Seb!!!) This is why Noah knew what an excavator was at 2 and what a dehumidifier was not long after and what an octagon is... he asks a question and we tell him the answer....the correct word, or explan the concept.... it seems that kiddos don't really care where they are when the question needs asking they'll ask... I don't think there is a bad time or place... xo lyns


Wow - great diversion - from canals to boats to sailing.


Wait until they ask how they got "in" your tummy. And one good thing about us IVF-ers is that we get to use "the doctor put you in there" and avoid the whole s*x thing a little longer. But my son is starting to ask more sophisticated questions and it came up the other day- luckily in the privacy of our car.


Not too young -- my girls asked questions when they were three. Luckily, it goes on hiatus for long periods of time.

Gemma says she won't ever get pregnant because she doesn't like EITHER delivery option.

Congrats on the diversion. I've used all the right words and the direct approach, but I've never fielded the question in a public place, either. It did make for a nice laugh for me to read about this!

Blake Lyons aka Grandad Blake

What ever happened to the stork and the pumpkin patch?

Curious dad


You gave him exactly the right answer and, no, he doesn't need any more information right now. You've laid a brilliant foundation for when it is time for all the bells and whistles when he's bit older. It is called the birth canal and it is where babies come out. The fact that it also has other purposes won't come as such a big surprise nor issue later.

Miss Hope

I had no problem educating my soon to be 13 year old when she was 9. Very matter of fact and up front.

My now 8 year old? Says the thought grosses her out too much to even think about.

Thank goodness for small favors!

The soon to be 3 year old boy? I think the hubby gets that one! Can't wait to see how it turns out when the time comes.

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