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February 19, 2007


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Awww, what a delightful character! He sounds like our middle daughter in some ways, and a bit like our son. Very loveable indeed, with a little mischief in the mix to keep you on your toes.
I'd love to see some new photos to accompany this tribute to your Mr. Jay.

Dad aka Grandad Blake

In the event my sister, your aunt, tries to recall how I behaved at Jasper's age remember her advanced age and the effect alcohol can have on one's memory.

Love, Dad

Maureen aka Mo aka Grandmother aka Mozilla

Oh Jasper! What a fab young man you are and Mo loves you to bits. Please don't be in a hurry to looth that lithp as it is so endearing. Imagine you just about 3 - way to go, you little morsel that started out at 2.2 lbs! Take care of your breathing.

Big hugs and much love,
Mo ... or Mau as you are inclined to say.


jasper reminds me of another redhead i know. the son of a friend, who will be 18 next month, is quite the charmer and able to get his way through sheer force of personality.

sounds like you will have your hands full trying to keep jj from smiling his way through life, getting others to do his chores and his homework. not an easy job, but much more pleasant than yelling at the openly defiant and inept.


Yes, nice word pictures, but when you are done how about picture essays to portray what you have written?

Kim H

lovely posts on the boys, Tess. I'm sure you're taking a breather, but checking in here again to read all about Sela and Carys.
~ long time reader

Patrick Wilson

Hi Tess

A wee leprachaun (seeing that it is St Patrick's Day) - let it be known that it's your birthday - wayhay!!
Jane and I wish you a wonderful day - and blow the weather!!

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