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February 24, 2007


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Grandad Blake

Happy Birthday Carys,Jasper and Sela, Thank you Sebbie for being such a good big brother and thank you Tessie and Charles for the 4 wonderful grandchildren who have given their grandmother and me 4 growing gifts that each day bring more happiness into our lives.
Love Granddad Blake AKA Dad


Delurking to wish Jathper, Sela and Carys a very happy birthday!


Happy birthday Jasper, Sela, & Carys!


I wish I could reach through the computer and give you a hug and a squeeze. Surviving the worst day of our lives leaves its mark and you should never feel guilt about the emotions associated. Because you have such a mighty heart, the impact and awareness is so much greater. I wish the trio a very magical birthday and celebrate their successes with everyone else. (HUGS)

Carol (Mackie & Maddie's Gwamma)

Hi Tess,
I'm thinking of you all today. Give yourself a BIG hug for all you and your four children have been through.


Happy Birthday Jasper, Sela and Carys!
Big hugs for you Tess.

On another note, this is my two year anniversary of reading your blog:) Guess that means I had better start commenting more then every three months...

Lori in YK

Happy Birthday Jasper, Sela and Carys!!

Make sure to take a minute for yourself too Tess!!!


Oh my sweet friend.... I do understand!!! I so wish that the day those three amazing babies came into the world could be a day to celebrate and not a day of remembering all those moments... I remember praying hard that day and for the 90 days following (still praying in fact!!) I remember visiting Gin up on the hill and how Jonathan weighed more than the triplets did altogether... but what I remember most is how incredible brave you and Charles were...I remember that despite the horror and terror you still welcomed your little ones into the world... you made it to their bedsides and held their little hands... you prayed...Charles found his heavenly father again...and so much happened in those 90 days that goes beyond all comprehention.... I can understand why you can't kick it up and party harty on this day... but someday (maybe tomorrow, maybe 90 days from now...) I hope that you guys can live it up... celebrate LIFE...the lives of those three... the fight they fought... celebrate all those who prayed... celebrate the new life in Charles... celebrate YOU... I know its hard... but "I came that you may have life and have it to the full" John 10:10!!! I love you my friend and someday soon your mourning will turn to dancing!! xo Lyns

Maureen aka Mo aka Grandmother aka Mozilla

Oh... the joy, the tears, the ache, the pain that you, darling, and Charles must be experiencing. As Blake so eloquently said, "Thank you so much for these exquisite grandchildren - the four of them -that you have given us. How we love them. And how we love you and Charles."

Much love from 'Mo' and Mum xox


Dear Tess,
I have moved out of the shadows before to tell you how beautiful you are--- inside and out. I, like others, have strong suspicions that that beauty is inescapably intertwined with deep sensitivity and therefore sometimes deep pain. You were amazing-- both you and the Magn. Charles --- to go through what you did with such grace and courage and faith. You still take all our breath away, I am sure. It grieves me to hear this day is painful for you, and I wish I could make it better. I had a worse day of my life, too.
After painful infertility, a cancer diagnosis, a two year chemo battle and then the horrible news surprised me one day when I went to the doctor alone(sending husband to work because he had missed so many work days holding my hand at the hospital time and time again)--- that babies would never happen for me and the chemo battle was lost, too. I remember always being afraid that I would lose my mind if I ever heard that. And I never forget those anniversaries either. I lived. Cancer seems long beat, but... I cannot celebrate any of it either. All this is to say "I understand" in the little way I can.

Louise M

Happy Birthday to the trio, hugs to you as you deal with the memories of this day. From reading your blog the past two and a half years, I know you are doing what Morgan Freeman (Red) tells Tim Robbins (Andy Dufresne): "Better get busy living or get busy dying". You ARE getting busy living...

Lucy Moran

Happy Birthday Jasper, Sela and Carys, oh how I wish I could be there to see how much you've grown.
I remember the anguish and heartache of three years ago, and I think you do it justice acknowledging but not celebrating 23d Feb, as you do such a wonderful job of celebrating the other 364 days of the calendar with your beautiful kids.

Lots of love,


Oh Tess. I can imagine how tough it is. I haven't faced a birthday yet but my "pPROM" anniversary is on March 1 - we decided to use that day to remember Rachel so hopefully we won't be too sad on their birthday for Isaac's sake.

Happy birthday Jasper, Sela and Carys!



I am sorry that this continues to be a bittersweet, painful day for you. I understand. Your babies were not supposed to be born on February 23rd, and it was the biggest crisis of your life. Choosing a different day to celebrate makes perfect sense, unless or until the children themselves decide differently.

All the same, Happy Birthday Jasper! Happy Birthday Sela! Happy Birthday Carys!
Three triplets turning three is a totally terrific triumph for all of you.
Heartfelt best wishes,


I don't remember ever having a birthday party on my birth day -- it was always the weekend before or after (this before it was considered an obligation to fete the child on the day at home, regardless of whatever other festivities occurred later). So I don't think you're cheating anyone of anything.

Certainly don't cheat yourself of the chance to feel the emotions the day brings.

Happy Birthday. Looking forward to the annual celebrations that follow -- coming home days for all the kids.


Happy Birthday Jasper, Carys, and Sela!

Hope you all had a great day!


Does Jasper go for Dora too? Or will he eat any cake?

The trips across the street just turned three last week, and mom over there is in a 'multiples' club - so they had six sets of trips about the same age over as well. It was really loud, even in our back yard.


Happy Birthday Jasper, Sela, and Carys!!!

Tess, I know these very same emotions oh so well...Just look at all we have been through, and where we are NOW!!!

Congratulations!!! :)

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