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March 30, 2007


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LOVE IT!!!!! xo lyns

Blake AKA Dad/ Grandad

Sebbie,remember I'm too young to be a greatgrandad. Play it cool Pal.
Love, Granddad Blake


that is priceless! pics of him on the phone? or what? whatever they are I want to see them!


MC is honor bound to fulfill our need to see said pictures.

Or, in the event that the above statement did not properly convey the appropriate level of guilt? What about, "PLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE?"

Seb & Annie are adorable! (Even if I have to imagine it all in my head, because THERE ARE NO PICTURES.)



Well, already know who your future daughter in law will be. That is advanced planning.
But remind Charles, he has to pay for the girls, so he better start saving now because I know they will not go cheap.

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