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March 08, 2007


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I meant to ask about this, and I'm so glad to read that things are going well.

One of my best friends from junior high (and the rest of our lives) once said to me that with her last child she marched merrily up to the door, deposited her, and happily danced back to the car. Along the way, she bypassed first-time moms who were teary eyed, spied a mom of mulitple school-aged kids, and declared, "Want to do BREAKFAST!?" with complete glee.

There a milestones to relish and milestones to celebrate - sounds like you are doing both!

Now grab a friend and do BREAKFAST! Those 2 hours will seem very routine at some point along the way - celebrate the newness now.


PS - Pictures? Please?


sorrow??? To quote the 80's "don't worry, be happy!!!" Speaking of breakfast....lets do it!!!! I am quite excited for the day (albeit a few years down the road) when all the kiddos are in fully day elementary school (P1 in HK) I CANT WAIT!!!! Not that I don't love and adore my kids and don't want to spend time with them...but because of the world that they will discover and how they will grow into even more amazing kids in the world that is beyond the walls of our flat!!! Its exciting...its amazing...its a chance to recoup some of your sanity....xo lyns


It seems to me as if everyday that passes, I become much more emotional about the prospect of school. With Brody in private childcare - it's always been more of a "Grandma's House" feel. But I know next fall when B starts public school I will be a mess.

It tugs at the heart strings to see them growing up. But also makes your heart swell with pride to see them becoming so independant and happy.

You rock, Mama Tess.


So, what are you doing with all that alone time now?


Congratulations to Miss C. and Miss S. on starting school. What fun they must be having with Master J and their classmates!
Congratulations to you too, Tess, on this big milestone. Sounds like you're feeling less of the bitter and more of the sweet, and that's great.
It's appalling, and wonderful, to see how fast they grow up, isn't it?
Best wishes,


Haven't popped onto your blog for a while but then Tertia was telling me she's told you.... (YAY!!!) and how all us Lordy folks are saying the ame thing. Its God! I agonised so over sending Sofia (my 2 year old) to playgroup and how it has been SO fine. I have 3 hours off 3 times a week! She is actually almost 3 but I cannot cope with her babyhood dissapearing so I am in denial. Your kids are just GORG!
With so many of us around the world praying for Tertia, she's going to be blessed from top to toe. Enjoy your new freedom!

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