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March 17, 2007


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Dad aka Granddad blake

Great pictures Tessie wooo. I can hardly wait to see all 4 of the little nippers next month.

Love, Dad


Hi Tess,

Just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday! May you be blessed with many more.



Happy birthday darling Tess. Big smooch to you.

PS gorg kids!


Happy Birthday a day early, Tess! I never forget because tomorrow is my mom's birthday too.

You look so beautiful in that picture. You sure have the life. Enjoy your day tomorrow.


Happy birthday! Great pictures of the kids' birthday. Hope your sunburn is better.


Tess, Happy Birthday...the big 2-0 eh?? (he he) I hope your birthday is a reminder of all the wonderful things in your life this moment and throughout the day... a wonderful reminder of all the things you have done in your lifetime (i.e living overseas for a decade, having triplets, being a brillant writer, a great mom...the list goes on...) Enjoy the day, crack open a bottle of campange and have a glass for "with" me!!! I miss you my friend and if we were in HK then I'd kidnapp you and take you to tea at the Marriott... Happy Birthday my friend!!! xo Lyns


Happy Birthday Tess! you look beautiful in the pic with the girls. how is that possible?? you go girl.


Happy, happy - hope you have a great day and wishing you the best of the best.



Happy Birthday! I'll make a cake - chocolate OK?
Wow - red face on the lady in the Victoria Secret top and pink bottoms - hopefully she wasn't in a bikini getting other parts red.


Tess Tess BO Bess,, Banana Fanna Fo Fess, Fee Fi Fo Fess..Teesssss
Happy birthday girlfriend! Love the pictures of the kids. Oh my you you must be so busy! The kids are beautiful and look healthy. Thank God. Enjoy the holiday beautiful season. See ya soon. Hey I'm 46 on Monday! YIKES

Love Jeanne


Happy Birthday GRRRRRLLLL!!!

If I lived closer there would be a margharita stand, several lounge chairs on a beach and an open invite for all your friends to occupy those chairs (and have ourselves a wee lil' party)...but since I don't live so close - I'll have a margharita and close my eyes....have a good one Tess and treat yourself along the way!!


Niki Winslow

Happy Birthday Beauty :) What an incredible life you have built - so full of light and love...and hilarious commentary. This is my first visit and I will be back. Sending you huge happy birthday wishes for a year ahead of continued abundance. Love, Niki and Jon


Dear Tess,
Happy birthday gorgeous. Congratulations on making your happy presence felt in so many lives, and retaining your fabulous humour. I hope that you have a great day, and look forward to celebrating with you soon!
Lots of love,


Happy Birthday Tess. I hope you have a lovely day. I think of you often....this time last year I was in labour, oooh the memories.

Paul Munder

Happy B'Day to a very special gal.

I wish you all the best and more.



my mom will never let me forget your birthday as it's her and joe's anniversary. and, sorry, but i wasn't going to hold out another two and a half weeks :).

happy birthday!


Hi Tess, great photos! Wishing you every blessing on your birthday!


Happy Birthday. Grant and I are just planning our trip to Fintry tonight. Looking forward to seeing you and the troops. Hope you have a wonderful day, today. Quite the sunburn your have in the pics. Don't forget to take care of yourself! Loved the shower story.
Love, KP

Carmen Schiffmann

Happy Birthday Tess. And have a great day with your very own Fab Fives.

Blessings, Carmen


Have a wonderful birthday Tess! and a great year to come. love, Bronwyn


Well, after all that chatting, I'm late to the party!

Happy, Happy Birthday!

I love all of the pictures. It looks like it was a lovely day. and that last picture with the first nightgowns is priceless!


David James


Happy birthday...looking good, girl. xox

David & Laurie


Happy Birthday, Tess!


Wow Tess!,
Beautiful children, beautiful mom. I still recall you trying to ignore "Elvis" on your Emmaus walk. Happy Birthday young lady, and may you have many, many more . .
-- carl wiggins

Three Sons and A Princess (Jennefer)

Leggy sent me over here because I have four kids and we are moving to SEOUL Korea- she thought maybe I could learn from you.

Funny coincidence- my son was born on February 23!

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