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March 12, 2007


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The hair pulling does seem a little odd. If he does it often might it be trichotillomania (big name for what is basically compulsively pulling out hair or picking at skin).


i have a sudden desire to watch blackadder II.


Oh dear - too funny! Maybe because he is one of three (as you say, "from this batch of kids"), he just assumed if the other two are girls, then he must be too. I know we laugh, but it is all so very sweet and innocent - they are just adorable. Good luck on this one.

Dad aka Grandad Blake

What will 'e do next???


Its too soon to diagnose formally (I am a psych), but there are potential signs here of a kid who MAY be anxious (hair pulling etc.) because he is telling you who he really is and no-one is accepting that. Also possible that it is a phase. About 30% grow out of it. Allow a little wiggle room for him without correction and see if the hair pulling, etc. stops. It'll be a fairly good indicator of where he is at TODAY re: gender identity and selfhood.


Too funny! We have had similar discussions in our house--when my girl twins were about 2 1/2, their little brother (then 8 months or so) started taking a bath with them, so we had many, many talks about girl/boy parts. One night, Bella kept insisting that she was a boy and I went through the whole thing about boys having penises and how Daddy and Max are boys, etc. So then she said that she was a boy and that she has a penis--so I said, "By all means, show me your penis!" She looked down, cleared the bubbles out of the way, looked up at me with shock on her face and said, "Huh? No penis?!" like it had fallen off in the bath or something! But "girl with a willy"--I like that a lot!

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